Pivot or persevere ?

Pivot is the term used in lean startup methodology to define a change in the direction of a business, marketing campaign or the functionality of the product that we are developing. This change is made once you test the idea or the first version of your product with the client.

When I worked in product development for Telecom services I saw the big disadvantages of long product specification, development, … for any functionality that you want to incorporate to your product. And even more the drawbacks of not having the client opinion until the final stage of the product development when some changes can mean almost start the work again.

Now developing functionalities with lean startup methodology I can see other problems. Sometimes you can discard a good functionality doing a test with not enough clients or not the right ones for your test. Sometimes the client is not as fast as you, that are all the time thinking in your product, and takes some time to get to the usage of your new improvement.

In conclusion, I would say that sometimes you have to persevere in you idea even when your initial tests are not very satisfactory. And in most business the key of success is more in the execution than in a “happy idea”, and here perseverance is key.

This article is written in not written in Spanish as the rest of my blog because I wanted to share it in an english speaking group.

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